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When planning a bridge, be it for highway, railroad, logging, or mining, our patented COMPO-GIRDER® INVERTED CHANNEL BEAM will outperform conventional box or slab girders.

The main reasons for bridge contractors, precast manufacturers, design engineers, and developers choosing the COMPO-GIRDER® INVERTED CHANNEL BEAM are cost savings and versatility.

There are many other less obvious advantages such as ease of handling, full access to utilities, and a wide range of shapes and camber, all of which combine to achieve successful and timely project completion.

Economical and Versatile

  • Up to 24m (80’) normal application

  • Any load fatigue requirement

  • Unrestricted web height

  • Deck can be cantilevered to accommodate roadway, sidewalk, or curb

  • The COMPO-GIRDER® INVERTED CHANNEL BEAM can be lifted, rolled, slid or bunked at any one or two points along its length. This means easier handling at the yard, transportation, and launching site.

  • Pre-camber versatility, more pleasing profile and appearance

The Advantages of the COMP-GIRDER® over Prestressed Box Beams

  • Has greater strength to weight ratio, which means fewer beams and less handling

  • Full access to utilities

  • Pre-camber versatility, more pleasing profile

  • Easier loading for transport and installation

The Advantages of the COMP-GIRDER® over Steel Beams

  • Complete superstructure

  • Enhanced durability of concrete web

  • Shallow in depth

  • Pre-camber versatility, more pleasing appearance

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