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When planning a bridge, be it for highway, railroad, logging, or mining, our patented COMPO-GIRDER® I-BEAM will outperform the conventional concrete girder for strength to weight ratio and the steel I-beam for cost.

Our COMPO-GIRDER® I-BEAM presents the best alternative to conventional girders.

The main reasons for clients and design engineers to choose the COMPO-GIRDER® I-BEAM are cost savings and versatility.

There are many other less obvious advantages such as ease of handling, unrestricted web height, and a wide range of shapes and camber, all of which combine to achieve successful and timely project completion.

Economical and Versatile

  • Economically manufactured

  • Unrestricted web height may result in reduced abutment and roach approach depth

  • In handling and transportation COMPO-GIRDER® I-BEAM can be lifted and bunked at any one or two points along its length. In fact, it can be rolled on one point throughout this length - this means easier handling at the yard, transportation and a launching site

  • Can accommodate any load, span and fatigue requirement

  • Any configuration; clearspan, cantilevered, segmentally spliced

  • Pleasing appearance, be it architectural or industrial finish

  • Wide variety of shape and camber

The Advantages of the COMPO-GIRDER® over Prestressed Concrete Girders

  • Has greater strength to weight ratio, which can mean fewer girders

  • Shallower in depth

  • Precamber versatility

  • Greater industrial applications

  • More economically manufactured

  • Easier to transport and erect

The Advantages of the COMPO-GIRDER® over Steel I-Beam Girders

  • More economical raw product

  • More economically manufactured

  • Enhanced durability of concrete web

  • More pleasing appearance

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